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Sublimes Cake Flavours:

Chocolate mud cake
Caramel mud cake
White mud cake
Mud swirl (2 muds mixed)
Raspberry chocolate mud
Red velvet cake
Devils Chocolate cake
Daisy Vanilla cake

(other flavours available upon request)

(These prices listed cover most decorations however there may be additional extras depending on final style/ design chosen)Flavos

Prices are available upon request for any of the designs seen in these albums.
If you don't see what you are looking for then contact me with your ideas

and I can customise a cake design to suit your special occasion.

Prices are based on time to decorate, size needed, and flavour of cake. 
Aprox pricing guide only:
8" round cake $190 (Serves approx 20)
10" round cake $210 (serves approx 30)
2  tier cakes start from $330
3D Novelty shaped cakes from $300